Border Schools Project Student Activities in Houaphan Province 22/02-01/03/2020

BSP huaphanGroup Photo between SEAMEO CED Staffs, the students at National University of Laos,
the Students at Ban Dei Primary School, Viengxay District, Houaphan Province.

Regarding to the positive feedback from implementing a trial of student activities that was carried out in Vientiane Capital and Champasak Province, SEAMEO CED had been continuing to conduct these activities again in Viengxay District, Huaphanh Province during 22 February-01 March 2020 in two primary schools namely Ban Dan and Ban Dei Primary School.

Based on the needs assessment of the school and community, the trial activities were different from the previous one according to the level and number of the students at the school. The activities were designed by the National University of Laos students that come from different faculties which are Faculty of Economic and Business Administration (FEB), Faculty of Social Science (FSS), Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES) and Faculty of Agriculture (FAG) and the SEAMEO CED staffs in order to connect the knowledge with some of the current livelihood concerns and their basic needs identified in those two schools.
A package of activities were included in general knowledge according to their routine in the community, for example, learning about nutrition, sanitation, science knowledge based, and art in order to improve learning skills and awareness on clean physical health. In the other hand, the teachers and many students from those schools were satisfied on the value of practical activities which did not take place regularly in the community according to distance and facilities- and the principal and teachers would utilize what they have learnt from practical activities as a role model to teach and lead the students to implement activities to create a learning environment in the school and community.